Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Can I tell you I just had the best time when I was in Arizona. I got to see so many special people that I love oh so much and I got to play with all my cute nieces and nephews!! So here we go all my cute little bitties that aren't so bitty, they are growing way to fast!

Ok lets start with these two darling tokens! Doesn't Izzy make the perfect little Pocahontas, and Diego is killing me in his Jack Sparrow costume.

We went to Mother Natures Pumpkin Patch and they had the cutest stuff around

These two are the bestest of best friends and they just love the camera

So Big D's costume just kept getting better and better. Claudio added his mustache with a burnt cork... how brilliant is that.

So funny story. We were all hanging out at Rosies house and Uncle Stervy and Auntie Melly had to leave, the kids all said their goodbye's but Lala had to make sure she said a last good one so she ran outside after her Uncle Stervy and yelled " I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU UNCLE STERVY" we were all rolling. I don't know where she comes up with these things but boy she makes me laugh!

Sweet Georgia makes some of the cutest faces, and buddy he just kills me!

All of the girls! I am dying over Peepers in this picture.

Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all these kiddos

I will end with my ever amazing Auntie Melly and Uncle Stervy! I love you guys so so so much!

Oh boy I can't wait to come back and have an even more amazing time! So until next time...

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