Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap!

Here is a sweet little recap of our Halloween here in Utah. It was probably my coldest Halloween ever but everyone kept telling me "its so warm tonight" ya 54 degrees isn't warm! 

Uncle Stervy as Mr. Operation and Aunt Melly as his nurse.

Yes that is my real hair and yes it was a PAIN to untangle!!

Jordy wore her mother-in-laws original outfit from the 70's it was killer!

After a long night in the costume Cart was the smelliest!

Sad Taduh!!

K how cute is this family. I am especially loving Dans pose!

Sweet Caprellie Girl was the cutest dog I had ever seen!

And by the end of the night she was a dead dog! This girl can act!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!!

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