Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday!!

Some people think im crazy but I like to say its called being prepared. I have been shopping for my wedding that will most likely be in 2 and half years. My mom seems to think that I am going to change my mind once I actually get asks but I think not. I have been scouring all of my local Goodwills and let me tell you I have found some major treasures on half off Saturdays. I've bought alot of plain glass jars for dirt cheap and wanted to find a way to make them stand out and not look blah. This is were tutorial Tuesday comes in, I will show you how to make your boring jars not so boring any more!!

Here are the supplies you will need:


1) Spray Paint: whatever color you prefer
2) A Marker
3) Puff Paint
4) A Glass Jar

So Here we go first you write what ever word or phrase you want. Well really I cleaned the jar first but any who... I did mine with a black Sharpie just so I could see it.


Then I went over it with the puff paint. Let it dry the full amount which is 4-6 hours I believe or it wont work believe me I tried it and it got all jacked up.


After its completely dried you spray paint it and tada! You have a fancy new jar!!


For you pinterestcrazed people out there I made a board with all the steps on it. I hope you enjoyed and start crafting.

ps. I think I bought the jar for like 30 cents at Goodwill on there half off saturday


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