Thursday, January 12, 2012

James And The Mustache

This is James. He has a not so sexy Mexi-Stash that he just loves. He just got home from his mission and was itching to grow it out. We had to get pictures of it so he could send to all his friends, at first it was all just a joke but then he found his inner George Clooney and turn total model. I think they came out pretty legit. To be honest shooting and posing guys always scares me so this was good practice. Even though I was kinda mean and bossy it definetely tought me alot.

I obviously have alot of favorites but the one on the left reminds me of a still from a movie.

This light was amazing and I just love how dramatic it is. I think James hated me after this one cuz he was blind but it was so worth it... for me at least! We like to call this one the "Two Face"

We found a parking garage in mesa by the temple and took almost all of them there. It gave me a nice neutral background and even lighting, but it also had spots where there was dramatic harsh shadows that we played with.

So I couldn't tell which I liked best so I'm posting both. The color is awesome but there is something about these black and whites that I can't get enough of.

Thankfully the stash is gone and now he doesn't look creepy.


  1. bahahahah! Oh sexy.

  2. bahahah aren't they funny. They would be way good if he didn't have that stash but oh well you have to look past it :)