Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Missing Arizona...

So I have been back in Utah for only 3 days now and to be completely honest its been a little rough getting back into the groove of things. I got to spend all 3 weeks I had off of school in Az with my lovely family and all my friends. It was so nice to meet my sweet little niece Lola and get to play with all the kiddos again. I think I stayed a little too long and made myself a little too comfortable because coming back here was harder than ever! I havent ever had a hard time leaving my family (I know that sounds bad but I don't mean it to) but this time saying goodbye to all the kids just tore my heart out. I think its because they kinda understand now that they wont get to see me all the time anymore but I made sure that right before I left to catch my flight I got pictures with all of them just so I can see how much they will grow up till the next time I see them.

Oh Olivia you are the sassiest girl I have ever met with a pocket full of go to poses that I just love!

My sweet Little Buddy and Peeper you guys are too cute for words

And of course Big D and sweet Izzy!

For some reason Izzy could pass off as my kid and I think we look pretty similar here its crazy.

And last but not least those sweet not so little anymore twins!

Oh how I miss you guys and can't wait to see you guys again! It was so much fun playing patty ball (table tennis) and dancing on the kinect (thanks mom) I love love love you all

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  1. We need to make a wedding photo business. Immediately.